Setting up and sustainably growing a tech business is a major undertaking. We service a diverse range of technology businesses including; data management; Fintech; Insurtech; IT solution providers; Medtech; SaaS. Some are established private or listed businesses; others are part of global groups; others are fledgling businesses.  They include leaders in their field – pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  And, like them we can support them every step of the way.

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AUDIT - In the UK and beyond

We provide audit and assurance services to a wide range of AIM and ISDX listed entities, from newly listed companies to established national and international groups. Our well-resourced and experienced audit team cover UK wide and international audit assignments; and our focus on planning ensures timely reporting to shareholders, audit committees and regulators as applicable.


We can help prepare your investment case to increase your business’s appeal to potential funders. We can also identify if your business is able to meet HMRC’s qualifying criteria for EIS or SEIS, and help you obtain any advance assurance. In addition, we can put you in touch with relevant investors and corporate finance houses.

R&D RELIEF - Working for innovation

We work with you to ensure you obtain the full benefit of the relief by either a tax refund or saving.

LISTING YOUR BUSINESS – When you want to tap into the capital markets

We are one of the top ten auditors to listed businesses in the UK, according to the respected Corporate Adviser Rankings Guide. We offer a full range of support - from acting as reporting accountants on your initial flotation to ongoing audit and IFRS reviews, tax planning and takeover and merger advice. We can also provide advice and assistance should you decide to take the company private.

VAT - For when things become taxing

Ensuring you understand the process and the systems are set up to correctly calculate and produce the information from the beginning will save you time, cost and potential penalties.

ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS - Not just accounting standards but legal requirements are important

We can help you set up your accounting systems, policies and procedures to best support your business, so that they comply with accounting standards, are scalable with your company and provide the information you need to successfully manage your business.

STRUCTURE AND PEOPLE - Aligning with your growth strategy

By understanding your business and your future strategy, we can create a structure that will best enable you to meet your business objectives and is compatible with regulatory requirements.

INTERNATIONAL – To help you wherever you are

Through the global reach of our network, PKF International, we support many tech companies by giving them access to a dedicated team of like-minded professionals who deliver local insight and support. Together, we provide compliant strategic international solutions and help deliver against clients' business plans.


Technology Insight

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