Combining the sharpest minds with an eye for detail

However straightforward your finances may be, filing a tax return and keeping up with constantly changing legislation can be a surprisingly onerous undertaking.  Because we spend all day and every day dealing with tax matters, we can handle yours efficiently and effectively, often spotting opportunities that are easily missed by the untrained eye.

Tax planning — in our view, paying the right amount of tax means paying the minimum the law requires of you. We will help you achieve this with tailored strategies that suit your personal and business circumstances.

Tax compliance — the best way to minimise your tax liabilities and avoid penalties or fines is to hand your tax affairs over to professionals. Our processes are designed to ensure your return is completed on time and correctly. 

HMRC enquiries — not only will we help you minimise the risk of an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs, but should one be raised you can rely on our wealth of experience in resolving disputes and negotiating favourable settlements.

Estate planning and trusts — we can provide sound advice on how to make the best possible use of tax-saving vehicles, ensuring that your family is properly provided for.

Global mobility - our Global Mobility team, together with the global network of PKF International, supports expatriate and internationally mobile individuals in over 150 countries.  

Whatever your tax requirements, we can handle them. Our service will be entirely tailored to your needs. And the fees you pay will have been agreed in advance and depend on the complexity of the work.