Live, secure, sound

Online 50 is a new outsourcing service, which allows simultaneous access to your live Sage Line 50 accounting information from multiple locations. The service is accessed via the PKF Littlejohn website and uses secure encryption and authentication procedures similar to that of online banking.

Simultaneous access enables you and PKF Littlejohn to work in partnership, providing your business with a number of benefits:

  • Online 50 will give you the freedom to decide exactly which areas of your bookkeeping and reporting function are outsourced. You now have the flexibility to change the elements which are outsourced as your business needs change
  • new businesses, which may require more support, can now have assistance with their bookkeeping in real time
  • if your business has multiple geographical locations, you can process and manage your local financial transactions remotely, using the same data set from any location in the world
  • real time reviews can now be conducted, identifying issues and opportunities
  • any adjustments required to your accounts can be made promptly and directly to your online data
  • management information will be up to date and provide a more sound basis for decision making
  • your queries can be answered using live data, providing for more timely and effective advice.