Beneficiary services

We can assist beneficiaries of grant or other donor finance in many ways, including:

  • preparing and subsequently negotiating the terms and basis of bids for a given grant or financing.  We can help you understand the complexities of the application forms, and the subsequent process of evaluation and award.
  • providing training and education to personnel actively involved in the operation and reporting processes of a grant-funded project.  This could include understanding:
    • contractual rules and obligations
    • the legal framework within which the contract operates
    • the internal culture and political environment of the donor agency
    • the internal operations and controls needed to respond adequately and transparently to each of the above.
  • assisting in responding to enquiries and questions of a financial or administrative nature from the grant provider and/or attending meetings with grant providers to discuss such matters in more detail.
  • providing independent auditor's assurance reports such as "Reports of Factual Findings and Expenditure Verifications"

In the context of the European Commission's research programmes, we produce a regular newsletter highlighting the latest topical news and providing critical analysis and commentary on the implications.  These, and further details of the services we offer, can be downloaded from our website