Grant providers, both national and international, operate in a tightly regulated, dynamic environment. 

National legislation, governing legal jurisdictions, as well as these organisations' own internal regulations impact heavily on beneficiaries' rights and obligations under the grants and other finance available.

Grant beneficiaries need to understand this environment and the corresponding rules and regulations as well as the means by which the grant provider will judge the eligibility of claims for reimbursement from grant funds.

At PKF Littlejohn we have extensive experience of undertaking contract and grant audits on behalf of grant providers, particularly the European Commission. We have significant experience in working with donor organisations and institutions both within the UK and in the international arena, both at their headquarters and in the field. 

We can also advise beneficiaries on the grant application and reporting process.

We have particular knowledge of the following grant categories:

  • research and development
  • humanitarian aid
  • development aid; including:
  • public sector institution building and privatisation and economic reform
  • agricultural and rural reform
  • energy, infrastructure, and environmental protection
  • cross-border co-operation
  • regional development
  • vocational training and education.

We regularly undertake contract and grant audit assignments in:

  • the 27 EU member states and nine associated countries
  • North America
  • Africa
  • the Middle East
  • the Indian subcontinent
  • the Far East.

Our specialist expertise and robust support infrastructure enable us to deal with the unique and various risk issues that derive from working in difficult and often dangerous parts of the world.