Expert, independent assistance in a complex world

Efficiency, profitability and growth are vital to the success of every business. Achieving them is often easier said than done, especially when specialist skills are required.

When it comes to handling corporate finance, it pays to be surefooted. To have an advisor who has the expertise and the contacts to deliver financially sound solutions that will make good business sense, both now and in the future.

At PKF Littlejohn, our dedicated team of specialists will work closely with you. We'll combine expertise in all the essential areas with sound analysis to ascertain your exact needs. The result is decisive action that ensures implementation of the right solution.

We'll build a closely knit team that combines people from your organisation with experts from ours, and offers access to an extensive list of other key players in the finance world. The result? A team of powerful allies in corporate finance.

In addition we have partnered with Capitalise, an innovative business platform, to provide SME businesses with access to a wide range of products from the UK's leading mainstream and traditional lenders. Find out more