Free your time to focus on growing your business

Business success is as much about getting your strategy and processes in place as it is about getting the right breaks. This applies to established businesses as well as to the entrepreneur embarking on a start-up.

Planning your strategy, identifying ways of implementing it, dealing with any changes to the way your company is structured — all are integral to running a thriving business. But routine tasks need to be done too. They may not be as exciting, but they are as important.

"At PKF Littlejohn, we are extremely good at helping you plan your business and at taking those regular tasks off your hands."

You can then get on with building your business, safe in the knowledge that routine procedures are under control on a day-to-day basis.

Business planning helps you set goals and identify exactly how you will achieve them. We can assist you in creating formal business plans to raise finance, as well as internal plans to help you set and review budgets and targets on an on-going basis.

Valuations of company shares or a business can be required in a number of different situations. Whatever the situation, valuations of this nature involve specialist expertise.

Company secretarial ensures that you are complying with the law, both in terms of regular filing of accounts and returns, as well as more complex changes to legal structures.

Payroll services relieve our clients of the routine task of handling their payroll. As well as handling all aspects of payroll, including complex procedures, we can arrange for payments to be made through BACS.

Accountancy services fill the gap if you don't have your own finance people, or if you need specialist financial advice. Our Outsourcing service can provide you with an easily accessible day-to-day accounting function.