Proactive, independent, supportive

Running a charity is a complex business. Strategic objectives must be achieved, trustees, donors and beneficiaries kept happy, and full, transparent accountability ensured.

Whatever the size of your charity, you want to work with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of people who have a thorough understanding of your world. Our charities team has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and financial framework in which you operate, and practical experience of working within the sector; above all, we understand how important it is for you to maximise the effectiveness of your charity on behalf of those you serve, and the need to demonstrate that impact to your stakeholders.

We work with charities of all shapes and sizes, building strong, partner-led relationships. Our aim is to really get to know you, to understand your strategic challenges and opportunities and to see where we can help you to meet them. As a team, we are pasionate about helping you to acheive your goals.

We offer a wide range of services from audit and accountancy to governance reviews, tax planning advice, counter fraud services and outsourcing. Our service is comprehensive and our solutions are cost effective. We can advise and assist you wherever you work, through our membership of the PKF International global network. We also bring our experience in the private sector, which can be invaluable in tackling some of the challenges charities are facing in the current economic environment.

We are always interested to hear from you and see whether we can help. Please contact Alastair Duke to arrange an initial discussion of your needs.