As businesses of all sizes embrace the opportunities offered by the global marketplace, having access to expertise on tax in individual countries and on the interaction between tax systems of different countries, becomes ever more important.

Day to day compliance

Every business has a wide range of taxes to deal with wherever they operate.  These can be at a country level, and at a regional or municipal level within a country, and can include payroll taxes, value added and sales taxes, import and export duty, asset based taxes and profit based taxes.

Dealing with home country compliance can be difficult enough; adding a different range of jurisdictions, without the right support, can at best be a time and resource consuming distraction for a business, and at worst a costly nightmare that may even threaten the future of the business as a whole. 

PKF Littlejohn can help in two ways.  Through our membership of the PKF International network, we can put your business in touch with our colleagues around the world. For businesses coming to the UK for the first time, our Inward investment team  works with you to help you deal with your UK tax obligations.

Tax consultancy

PKF Littlejohn's international tax team can help you structure your international commercial operations in a tax efficient manner compatible with your business objectives, including:

Structuring business ownership

The choice of location of a business, of companies within a group, and even the type of business entity (company, partnership etc) can all affect tax rates paid, where taxes are paid and whether withholding tax will hit cash flow.  Having established the commercial strategy of the business (and its owners), we work with you to ensure that the risk of double taxation is minimised, the overall business structure is as tax efficient as commercially possible, and that the impact of withholding tax on cash flow is minimised.

Transfer pricing

Most regimes have transfer pricing legislation, though the details will differ.  We can help you consider the issues, the implications in the countries in which you operate, and ensure you have proper documentation, appropriate to each jurisdiction, to support your pricing strategies.

Internationally mobile employees

Businesses  are dependent on the quality of their employees, and businesses working across borders will need some of their employees to cross borders, whether for short or long periods.  We can help your employees and your business deal with the tax issues that will arise for both as they travel.  By taking the stress of tax compliance away, we can help mobile employees to focus their time and energy on the business.

Our international tax team works with you and your business to develop and implement the overall plan, whatever the issues and, where appropriate, work with locally based professionals to deliver the best and most tax efficient solution compatible with your commercial objectives.