Services such as audit, financial reporting and risk management advice give your business the reliable information you need to manage your investment effectively and achieve your objectives. In a competitive commercial environment, high quality audit and accounting support can directly influence the level of business success.

You need to be supported by reliable, commercial and experienced business advisers who understand your marketplace, your challenges and your strategic vision and have the technical skills, resources and experience to help you succeed.

The experience of our professionals, along with our knowledge of global markets and our association with PKF International, provides you with a strong, comprehensive and efficient service approach.

We can offer efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive services to every client, regardless of size and location, through our local expertise, and our colleagues in PKF International. 

Our annual Transparency Statement illustrates how our commitment to quality is established at the very highest level in the firm. In particular, it sets out details of our approach to engagement performance and monitoring for audit assignments and maintaining the competence of our audit partners and staff.  We are also registered with the PCAOB in the US and the CPAB in Canada.

Our audit and assurance compliance services include:

  • preparation of annual financial statements
  • monthly/quarterly management reporting
  • statutory audits in accordance with international auditing standards
  • specialist audits
  • assurance reports including engagements to perform agree upon procedures
  • internal audit including Sarbanes-Oxley reporting
  • advice on corporate governance and best practice reporting.

We also provide support and advice on restructuring businesses and advice on risk management procedures and policies. We can assist in strategic planning for your business internationally and preparing your company for sale.

International donor agencies

PKF Littlejohn has extensive experience of working for the European Commission and connected Executive Agencies, having been involved in several major framework contracts over the past 13 years. We have had overall  responsibility for the management and implementation of 4,000 such audits worldwide, of which we have carried out 550 assignments.  In the course of these contracts our people have worked in 65 different countries, often in collaboration with colleagues from our international network PKF International.