Innovative, informed, in situ

Your business faces many challenges in today's global marketplace.  Over the past few years we have:

  • worked in 70 countries worldwide
  • assisted in bringing over 60 companies to the UK capital markets
  • acted for numerous clients with overseas interests and for subsidiaries of overseas parent companies
  • been responsible for 4,000 audits worldwide on behalf of the European Commission and similar donor agencies
  • helped non-domiciled and non-resident individuals with taxation advice.

We combine our understanding of international markets, our awareness of the cultural and business differences in many countries, and our experience of working with fellow professionals around the world, with our in-depth business knowledge and technical skills to help you succeed with your international business operations.  Whether you are a UK company doing business abroad or a foreign company with operations in the UK our team can help you.

Expanding your operations into foreign countries: Expanding overseas brings a different set of risks and opportunities compared with domestic operations. While different tax regulations and employment laws are important, the challenges go much further.  Considerations include double taxation treaties, exchange control regulations, different legal systems and structures, licences to apply for and import/export regulations.  We can introduce you to overseas contacts, provide solutions to tax and technical issues, help you evaluate outsourcing options and propose the most appropriate organisational structure for your business.

International assurance: We can provide you with due diligence, audit and financial reporting services in accordance with the required reporting standards. We can assist with the conversion of annual accounts to UK Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  We can advise on UK capital market listings and ensure your annual accounts are prepared in accordance with IFRS.

International tax: We can help you understand the complex issues involved in structuring your business operations around the globe, evaluate transfer pricing arrangements and repatriation issues, and ensure compliance with the regulations of relevant countries.  We can provide tax compliance services for UK subsidiaries and branches of foreign corporations and UK entities with foreign operations or owners.

Establishing a business in the UK: If you are arriving in the UK for the first time, or are looking to establish or acquire a UK business, our inward investment team can help.  We support overseas companies, working with you to decide which trading entity and structure is best suited to your needs. We explain the tax and legal issues that affect you when you are establishing a business in the UK, and clarify issues such as transfer pricing and the impact of double tax agreements. We can help with VAT and Excise duties.

PKF Littlejohn is an active member of PKF International, the eleventh largest network of independent accounting firms in the world, providing a wide range of tools and resources to help member firms furnish superior accounting, auditing and management services to clients around the globe.

Whether you need an experienced hand to guide you through new international markets or just advice on local tax issues, we can help your international business succeed.