Phil Broadbery


Phil is PKF Littlejohn’s Chief Digital Officer and responsible for technology services including data analytics, cyber security, internal IT and digital transformation.

Starting in an IT apprenticeship in 1989, Phil has worked through many technology transformations with clients to deliver business change, from online insurance services, property sales, live auctions, rail service providers to ordering pizzas!

Collaboration through strong use of technology has been Phil’s focus from 2013 – 2019, applying technology to increase international business across PKF’s international network.

Digital transformation projects vary enormously between clients, to suit the client’s strategy, culture and maturity of technology platform.  During these projects Phil has helped understand future processes and turned that into the blueprint for suitable supporting technology.

Many clients have made significant investments in cloud technology, not always realised.  Phil has helped identify where those investments can provide maximum value by relating capability to business need.

Data Analytics can provide great insight into a client’s business and drive action.  When this action is automated into business process the payback multiples and becomes an invaluable tool for growth.

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