The result of the recent General Election has further muddied the waters regarding the UK’s departure from the EU, adding additional uncertainty to an already complicated situation.

With a range of potential Brexit scenarios now reportedly being discussed by Downing Street, we encourage you to start your contingency planning now.

Establishing a view on the risks and opportunities that Brexit poses to your organisation is a good way of kick-starting this process.

To assist with this task, we’ve created a Brexit planning tool.

The range of issues that potentially have to be covered by any meaningful plan is extensive. That is why we have assembled a team of experts, both here in the UK and across the EU, who can help you prepare and, if necessary, implement a plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

You should regard any costs incurred now as an insurance premium to safeguard the security of your business. Doing nothing may well cost you more in the long run. Can you afford to run the risk?

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