Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore - Outsourcing Manager 

Q. Why did you apply to join PKF Littlejohn?

I wanted to study accountancy but also to work straight away. That's why the AAT was right for me. PKF Littlejohn offered a great training programme and a competitive salary. By working full time, I could put into practice everything I learnt from my studies. I also like the location - there's a lot to do in Canary Wharf.

Q. What has been your greatest achievement since joining?

I feel I have achieved a lot since joining- I have qualified for both AAT and ACCA, I have been promoted to supervisor upon qualifying and to manager level two years later. I am now transferring department to head up and lead the outsourcing team.

Q. What does your role currently entail?

I am responsible for coordinating staff resources and briefing teams on the work to be performed. I monitor the team's progress and review the work they have completed. I also have a lot of involvement with my clients on a day to day basis, ensuring our work is completed to their timetable and helping to resolve queries. The preparation of budgets, time analysis and training are all key parts of my role. My manager role includes helping with recruitment and appraisals of staff, and also getting involved in marketing and networking with existing and potential clients.

Q. What’s the best thing about working for PKF Littlejohn?

The people are all fantastic- we have a great mix of staff with lots of different skill sets and great personalities. There's also a good mixture of audit work, accounts preparation and tax and the balance of working in the office and out at clients' offices makes the job very interesting. PKF Littlejohn is growing quickly and the changes taking place means it’s a really interesting time to work for the firm.

Q. What are the opportunities for professional and personal development?

The firm offers an excellent training programme providing lots of support for students to help them to succeed in passing their exams and qualifying, as well as providing training for both soft and technical skills. We also have a very good appraisal system in place to coach and develop staff in order to maximise their potential.

As the firm continues to grow there are various emerging opportunities for staff- variety of new work, special projects, promotion, inter departmental secondments and international secondments.

Q. What broader corporate and/or industry initiatives are you involved in?

I have taken on divisional specific responsibilities such as managing software performance and maximising its use, as well as preparing and presenting internal courses for staff. Recently I have also assisted in an efficiency drive for the firm.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

To take each day as it comes, and enjoy it!

Q. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself?

I once took part in a 24 hour karate marathon to raise money for charity- needless to say that walking (or moving generally) was a bit of a struggle for a few days.