Global mobility: supporting expatriate and internationally mobile employees

Companies expanding internationally will often require key team members and senior employees to relocate internationally as part of their global expansion plans.

The tax laws and regulations in many countries can make this process complex and professional advice should be sought as early as possible in the process of moving individuals from one jurisdiction to the other.

If you are a UK based company looking to expand internationally or a business looking to expand into the UK and beyond, PKF Littlejohn’s Global Mobility team, together with the global network of PKF International, can provide a full service for your global mobility requirements in over 150 countries. To find out more about how PKF International can support you, click here 

This will ensure that local compliance and statutory requirements for all foreign jurisdictions are met, enabling your international workforce to focus on the global expansion plans of the business.

Our services include the following:

  • Assignment planning including advice on the drafting of International assignment policies
  • Cost comparisons between tax equalisation/protection/local hire arrangements
  • Tax equalisation and tax protection reconciliations
  • Social security planning
  • Advice on timing and duration of International assignments
  • Remuneration strategies to take advantage of statutory tax deductions in the host country
  • Advice on international tax implications of stock option/restricted stock plans
  • Implementation of Short Term Business Visitor agreements in the UK. Read more
  • Advice regarding international payroll obligations and shadow payrolls
  • Preparation of US Federal, State and UK tax returns for assignees
  • Specialised US advisory Services. Click here 
  • Coordination of host country tax return compliance for third country locations.
  • Short Term Business Visitor AgreementsClick here for advice for your company as to whether or not an STBVA will be necessary for your organisation.

If you have any questions about Global mobility please contact Jonathan Boyfield on or +44(0)20 7516 2369.