Our Funds team supports the investment and asset management community and specifically investments funds and private equity investors.

We recognise the importance of specialist teams who know your sector and who can comment authoritatively on the issues which arise. With our continued growth we have assembled a multidisciplinary team which is committed to the investment community.

The team is the natural extension of our well established financial services practice which has been at the heart of the City for over 100 years. Recognising the importance of Edinburgh, which is home to a number of leading Investment Managers and investment funds, we partner with our sister PKF firm in Scotland, Johnston Carmichael.

Our deeply rooted financial services history, coupled with our team's experience, ensures we have a deep appreciation of the sector and the geographical reach to look after your interests. This experience is reflected in our robust but practical assurance approach which focuses on the areas most relevant to your business, fund or portfolio.

Working with this dynamic sector is more than just providing assurance; its about the ability to add value. Our added value comes from being at the heart of the sector, from our involvement with key industry bodies such as the AIC so we are alert to, and have opinions on, the emerging issues. Our team includes experienced corporate finance professionals, who are able to make buy and sell side introductions, to support your investment strategy or realisation events.

Recognising the importance of the global economy, our Investment Assure specialists work with their counterparts in PKF International in key economic sectors and emerging markets, ensuring access to local market intelligence, local support and local opportunities.