The uncertainty of the current situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting businesses in many different ways. We want to assure you that your team at PKF Littlejohn is fully committed to the health of our employees while ensuring minimal disruption to your work and client service during this critical time of year. 

As part of our recent office move, we invested significantly in our infrastructure and upgraded our business continuity strategy. These actions are now enabling us to take specific steps and access resources in relation to challenges posed by coronavirus, as outlined below:

Infrastructure – We are all now working remotely, using the latest digital technology for data collection and online collaboration tools to provide secure and efficient services. Our ‘working from home’ policy has been reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant for extended periods of remote working.

Wellbeing - We are rolling out a series of measures to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff, with new initiatives being introduced depending on feedback from online team meetings, our weekly pulse survey etc.  We have communicated best practice health and hygiene advice to our staff.  

Training - We have provided refresher training on video conferencing and remote communication strategies to everyone in our business.  We will continue to provide training using our online channels as required.

Overseas travel – At present, we do not have any international business travel planned.  We work with a number of large multi-national clients and the key requirement for both our team members and clients is to ensure that we are able to meet client needs wherever possible without travel - through the PKF International network and our online solutions.

This and other useful information is available on our Coronavirus Resource Centre.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact Dominic Roberts on or call +44(0)20 75162219 if you have any questions or require support.