CFG Fraud Guide

Countering Fraud – a guide for the UK charity sector 

PKF Littlejohn and Charity Finance Group (CFG) are pleased to present this guide for charities and their trustees to help them to protect themselves against fraud, and thereby to minimise its cost and the risk of reputational damage. The latter, it could be argued, can be more devastating to a charity, its staff and benefactors, than the financial impact.

The guide should be essential reading for those who are responsible for protecting their charity’s funds. It is not a technical document but provides a framework for a charity to increase its resilience to fraud.

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If you would like to discuss what the guide means for your charity, please contact James Earp, PKF Littlejohn's Head of Forensic and Fraud services, at

The guide represents a change in emphasis in how we think about managing the risk of fraud. Charities must move towards being proactive in treating fraud as a business cost, and just like any other unwanted expenditure, reducing it. The guide is comprehensive in describing the nature and scale of fraud and by providing practical examples. We hope that charities will find it a helpful resource for adopting the best strategy and introducing the necessary actions.  

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