At PKF Littlejohn we are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment.

Our offices

Our offices at 15 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf are managed by Cushman & Wakefield, who are committed to environmental sustainability. As tenants we will comply with all environmental standards recommended by them.

We undertake regular environmental assessments of our offices - including an annual assessment of our carbon footprint - to ensure compliance with good practice and to identify areas for improvement.


As far as practicable and cost effective, we consider the purchase of products and services which cause the least harm to the environment.

Waste & recycling

We seek to keep wastage of materials to a minimum. We provide all our staff with access to facilities to enable them to recycle waste including paper, plastics, dry waste, electrical items and toner/ink cartridges in a responsible manner.

We work with charities to provide the local community with redundant equipment whenever possible.


We look to minimise the travel impacts of our business on the local and wider environment. All staff are encouraged to use public transport to travel to our offices through the availability of annual season ticket loans, and to the offices of our clients. We encourage staff to car share where that is the only feasible mode of transport available.

Our company car policy forbids the purchase of any car above two litres in capacity. Car parking facilities are restricted to encourage staff to use other modes of transport.

We encourage the use of bicycles through the availability of secure cycle parking and changing facilities within our offices.

We avoid unnecessary business travel by encouraging the use of telephone, email and meetings conference call facilities as well as electronic communication.

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct relating to the environment. We ensure that our staff are aware of the environmental impact of their work and encourage them to minimise this impact.

We regularly review these commitments to ensure continual improvement in our environmental performance.

Dominic Roberts
Managing Partner
For and on behalf of PKF Littlejohn LLP

Last reviewed 1 January 2020